Newmarket Community Arts

Artists in Newmarket

Newmarket is home to many working artists, photographers, musicians and more.

Please get in touch if you would like us to link your work.


Irina Richards 

Manga artist, graphic novelist, educator


The Tiny Scribbler

Artist - secretly creating tiny midnight scribbles and stitches


Meg Hopkin

Print making

Instagram @m3ghopkin_


The Wonky Welder

Crafting in recycled metals


The Crochet Project

Modern wearable crochet


Flossy Felts

Beverley Neeves-Textile Artist

Hand felted pictures, wall hangings, cushions, bags, cards and creatures.



Jayne Odell

Suffolk-based, award-winning photographer specialising in land, sea and equine photography – mainly in black and white.


Ian Cutting

Freelance photographer and theatre manager.


Louisa French

Specialising in natural and relaxed family portraits.